Humans of Orange County

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Humans of Orange County

Humans of New York deeply affected Americans with tales of inspiration and uplift.

Humans of Orange County deeply offended Americans with tales of self-absorption and absurdity. Get your medication ready.

Heartburn is nigh.




This book is a parody of Brandon Stanton's viral online photo series: Humans of New York. But let's be real. Orange County is a parody of Orange County.

The book is filled with satirical photos of OC folk doing OC things, a healthy sampling of anecdotes, and ridiculous quotes lifted from real conversations. An OC Native’s Guide to politics, Disneyland, and raising your child are peppered throughout.

Welcome to suburbia. Welcome to the lives of scores of white people, many Asian people, tons of Hispanic people, and six black people.

Welcome to Orange County, CA. 


The book is now available on Amazon! Embrace the basic and get the book today!

LA Weekly says of Humans of Orange County: "It's sure to delight expats and infuriate the people who never left." 

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